Waste is a sign of inefficiency. According to McKinsey, $2.6T worth of materials are generated every year only to be disposed of with very little or no use. Today commercial buildings operated by corporations, hospitals, universities, etc. are responsible for 40% of all waste going to landfills, but have no way to track, manage and measure waste stream contamination, hauling bills and invoices, or how they are doing against their Zero Waste Goals. This industry is ripe for disruption. ‍

Zabble Zero™ is the world’s only patented fully customizable end-to-end solution for waste monitoring providing real-time actionable insights with AI. Recently, Zabble was recognized as one of the top 5 startups advancing the circular economy with AI. Leading institutions like UCSF use Zabble to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce waste, save money and protect the environment, and has been awarded multiple research grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.‍

Join this growing pre-seed stage company backed by Impact Angel Investors and help us achieve a Zero Waste World together.‍

We’re a nimble, distributed team, stacked with passionate experts who are committed to a vision of a sustainable future. And we’re looking for like-minded people to join us.